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Why Blogging is Still Not Dead?

Why Blogging is Still Not Dead and You Should Start A Blog Right Now

Making money online is getting popular day by day. And one of the ways to make money online is blogging. If you want a side job with which you can also earn money without risk, starting a blog is one of the best ways. You can start a blog right away on your own and make a second income for yourself.

You know what! It is not only you who wants to start making money blogging?”. You’ll find your answers to all questions about how to start a blog for free. We’ll talk about how to start a WordPress blog. As a person who has tried different things for blogging, I believe that WordPress is the most practical way to create a blog. Let’s begin the guide about how to start a blog of your passion (well… maybe not, please make sure your passion has also enough search volume to make you earn money.) Never stop dreaming, but remember it is the action which makes the dreams real!

Before beginning the guide, there are a couple things we’d like to say about why blogging is important for you. And why do you need to start blogging now?


What do you need to start a blog for free? Well, a computer of course, and a basic knowledge of how to use one. You do not need any technical information to know how to start a blog. So, we are sure that you have made your research about how to create a blog and keep researching until you find the right resource about blogging and running a blog. Maybe you are afraid that each and every website will disorient or distract your mind with a lot of unnecessary details regarding how to start a blog and promote your blog. We’ll explain all the steps you need to take to start a blog without being confusing at all.

Whether you are 18 or 80, you can start your blog by taking some guided steps (all steps will be explained, promise!) and be a blogger in no time. But beware of the people who say it is so easy because it is not! Blogging requires real hard work, time and research. But if you believe in yourself that you can show some strength to see the light at the end of the road, your blog will get higher and higher visitors. There are also very useful strategies we can tell you to drive more traffic to your website. We’ll share these strategies which have also worked for us in our other articles.

Your blog can be a personal blog or a professional blog. This is really up to you whether you’ll be sharing your own insight about the world or you’ll choose a business theme and try to get recognition for it. Check out other blogs and bloggers to find out what you like.

  • So why do you still need a blog in 2020?

The goal here can differ. You are already an expert on something or may want to be an expert on anything. And you want to teach people how to do it, or just write memories, share information, creating content that can contribute to other people’s lives. And by doing that on your blogging platform, you can also make money in time. Yes, in time indeed. It will take 3 to 6 months to get a higher rank in Google. But do not give up!

This is about passion, too. If you are really good at something, why not make it a good thing out of it for both yourself and other people? You can teach many people many things when you write a blog, but you can also learn new things from it when you make research, try to generate useful content and create high quality blog posts.

So ask yourself this: Am I kind of a person who likes teaching stuff to people, taking chances for any new opportunity or improving myself? Well, we bet you are. Otherwise, why are you here reading all these, right? (And hello again, love to see that you’re still here!) 


Beyond all these, you may just want to make money from home. That’s alright, too. Life is hard and getting harder day by day. So maybe making money from an extra passive-ish online job is your only goal here. Passive income is what most people is trying to earn today. Blogging is not totally passive income, but definitely not demanding as your 9-5 (or maybe 8-6 jobs).

Let us give you an example to make a point here: We had created multiple (let’s say 5 in 5 years) different websites based on WordPress. Some of them were a success, but some were not. But all experience coming from these efforts has made us kinda expert on WordPress.

So, we started learning new things, researched everything on WordPress. We  so that other people can make something out of it, create blogs of their passion and even make money blogging and monetize what they already know and love.

Let us give you a secret: You don’t have to be an expert on anything. You don’t have to find something you love. If you are doing this for money, search for the stuff that might actually draw people to your site. Make your research about the titles, subjects which are most clicked and read, and start from there. When you are blogging, you are already becoming a well-informed person about what you write. We know starting a blog can be intimidating for some of you. But that’s why we are here, and we’ll provide you a beginner’s guide for blogging for you to start and grow your blog

So you need to choose a subject for your blog first. Do you want to live a healthier life or do you now have to live on a gluten-free diet? Do you want to be a chef and love creating new recipes? Do you want to learn Japanese? Or do you want to learn C# programming language? Well, maybe you want to start bodybuilding. That’s fine, too! Write about that. Write all the steps you take, all the research you make. Write what you learn and learn from your process of writing. Maybe this just can be something you want to learn so that you don’t lose your motivation because blogging requires some dedication. You can’t write about something you don’t want to know anything (or can you?)

You may ask this here: Ok, so I have a lot of stuff in my mind for blogging, but how do I make money from it? There are many and many blogs. How will my blog ace among thousands of blogs? How to be a successful blogger?

You will make research, you will catch each and every detail about the stuff you write and you will generate an article of high quality. Detailed, original, long and high quality articles get ahead of the many other articles. Search for anything that doesn’t have a satisfying answer and work on that. Your blog will surely be a success when you write high quality essays as an alternative to current ones. Well, there are also semantic essays, SEO and other stuff but we’ll get to that later along with the strategies about how to drive more traffic to your site and grow your blog further.

We know it is hard to believe that it is the way how to be a successful blogger, but it is. We love blogging and we are sure that you’ll love it too when you just start it. When you begin blogging, you’ll be better day by day as you are constantly practicing and researching. 


When you are blogging, you’ll make your money from the content you generated, not some other forum or website owner. 

If you always hang out in a forum, making comments, generating content or maybe even contributing to the website with an article, and share the useful stuff you know, we are really sorry to say that but all these platforms make serious money from the content YOU’ve generated. 

Let’s say it’s Reddit (for example). When you make a comment, open a thread or share useful information, not just the Reddit members visit the website and read it, but also thousands of people come from Google Search. And let’s say that your comment gets 100.000 views. Yeah, cool number! 

Then, what happens? You’ll just be happy that your content gets many views and the website owner will get money from your content’s visitors. 

Have you experienced an epiphany now? Make your own money from your own content on your own website and get your financial freedom

And let us explain how to monetize your blog shortly: When you create a blog and generate a couple of contents, you’ll get approval from Google Adsense and start displaying Adsense ads. Each ad click means money (the rates may vary based on the ad and the targeted word, these details will be explained later. But the minimum rate will start from 0,30 USD. This might give you a general idea.)

We have a real life example for this situation. So you have a farm and you have planted a seed last year, watered and cared for it. Now it is a grown tree and produces fruit, but someone else consumes it (Ok, ok, it is not literally the example we want to give but it is close).

Such forums and platforms give reps to keep your motivation high to generate content and contribute. They don’t want you to stop contributing. Why do they? They make money from your content.

You may consider that your content wouldn’t be on top searches of Google, but Reddit is always on top. That’s ok. But what Google gives importance more than the popularity of the website, it is the quality of content. If you want to be recognized by Google as a blog of high quality, make sure you write original and long content, and do not give up under any circumstances. Google makes updates regularly so you always have a chance to go higher on blog searches

You can earn much more money from being a blogger than you think. Start now! We’ll show you every step you need to take, so don’t worry about it at all.

So in a nutshell:

  • Get recognition and satisfaction for the content you generate
  • Make money and get financial freedom
  • No technical information is needed for blogging (We’ll guide you in every step you take)

And you’ll have many more reasons you can relate to blogging. If you start now and show dedication, you’ll possibly have a regular passive income, even maybe main income next year. How cool is that! 

If you are always tired and use this as an excuse not to start your money dream, you need to think again. Make time for your future now and make this feeling your motivation. Work to get rid of this feeling and your 24/7 tired life. Earn your freedom again and go away from the pressure that the long overtimes and shifts. Time is passing anyway, blogging can be your way to be happy.
You will find everything about blogging and everything about WordPress on our website. We’ll also explain all steps in detail and which platform you need to use, how much money you need to spend on your hosting and domain, and even how to find your domain. Feel free to drop a question to us anytime, we’d really happy to help you!

What is the best site to start blogging?

There are definitely different goals and choices here, but we believe that WordPress is the best site for blogging. 

How can I start making money with blogs?

If you’ve already started blogging and cannot make money, you need to stand out. Make sure your articles are 100% original and easy to read. Then apply to Google Adsense or an equivalent advertisement company. When you’re accepted to the system, you’ll earn money from visitors and clicks.

How much money can I make from a blog?

It depends on various statistics. In essence, if you achieve 1,000 pageviews on a monthly basis, the amount you can make will differ between $10 and $100. If you get more views, then multiply the dollars. Pageview and click rates are different, and your blog content also matters and determines the rates as well.

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