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Best Free Guide For Making Money Blogging


Passive income is everyone’s dream. But it doesn’t come easily to the majority of the people. So maybe you started blogging to create some extra income to your household. Or you want to start blogging, but you just need the right guide not to be bored or disappointed in anything and keep going once you start this money-making hobby. Well, it is more than normal to consider how you will make money from blogging because you will spend time on it. Glad to have you here! Let’s make money online blogging on WordPress! Here you will find a free guide for you to look for the possible answers you may have such as how to earn money from my blog?

You can search how to make money from your blog in countless guides teaching and guiding you. All specify some important points, that’s right, so what I’ll tell differently are the best tips and best resources that I always use, how I made money blogging, what you need to focus to turn your blog into a money-maker, where you should focus for flowing traffic to your website, etc.

This is a step-by-step guide for beginners to start making money blogging. If you haven’t already launched a blog, check it out my go-to for every detailed information you’re supposed to learn how to start a blog and earn your money.

You can make money blogging if you’re doing both a business blog or a hobby blog. Maybe you want to make a 100k USD in a month and be one of the high-end competitors in this industry, and turn this blogging thing into a real money-maker full-time job. Or maybe you just want to live a more comfortable life with 4-5k USD in a month as a side hustle or a passive income. Both are ok. Both are doable. You possibly don’t believe in the potential in this industry and think about how bloggers even make money. It looks like a scam, I know. But it is certainly not. You just need to be patient and follow some blogging guidelines.

So let’s not waste your time with descriptions and get to the real stuff, shall we?

First, I’ll start with the blog subject, generating content and choosing and image. I’ll tell you what you can do to level up your skills and generate better content compared to other bloggers. Then I’ll talk about how to monetize your blog and what you can choose to do to make money from your blog.


  1. Choose a niche blog
  2. Generate the best content
  3. Analyze your competitors
  4. Use effective images
  5. Turn your one-time blog visitors to regular ones
  6. Which Traffic Canal You Should Focus On
  7. Create a Google Adsense Account
  1. Choose a Niche Blog

Let’s start with what niche blogging means. A niche blog is starting a blog targeting a specific area, a niche subject. When you create a niche blog, you cover a specific topic such as WordPress, blogging guide or maybe technology and gaming, etc. I don’t recommend starting a general-subject blog in the first place if you’re a beginner on blogging. 

You should know that blogging is not an easy job and there are lots of competitors in this industry. 

So what you need to focus while choosing your niche blog topic:

  • Forget about your passion if you want to make money

Passion is good, but it does not make you earn money blogging if your subject totally depends on how passionate you are on that subject and no one reads. So, I’m sorry to tell you this but it is the ugly truth. You should choose something that can be turned into money.

  • Make your research and find a topic that people might be interested

Do your research on the Internet, and make sure that you choose something that people might show interest in. Well, why? You can’t make money if no one searches what you write and visit your blog or website to read your article. Simple as that! 

  • Do not choose something no one will ever read about it

So let’s say, you’ve chosen a topic about frozen bananas or seedless watermelon, and you’ve written plenty of articles about it. But only a few people visit your website. Why is that:

  • No one cares about your topic. Choose a more valuable subject.
  • You don’t have to have expertise on any topic

Your expertise doesn’t mean anything if you deliver it correctly. The opposite is also true. You don’t have to be an expert on what you write as long as you deliver valuable and helpful content.

  • Work smart, not hard

What do I mean by working smart, not hard? You can generate lots of content by spending a crazy time on them, but what’s the point if they’re not good SEO friendly content, not 100% original, not involving important keywords, etc. Hard work doesn’t always guarantee that you can make money in the end. But working smart does. So always try to work smarter.

  1. Generate the Best Content

Best content means the most helpful, possibly the longest content on that topic. And it should follow a clear format that a visitor can read the article easily. 

You can’t just write everything you find interesting and publish it just like that. 

  • Choose your blog topic

First, you should make research on your blog topic and find out which specific topics can draw the most visitors to your website. Then, choose your blog topic based on this research.

  • Observe your competitors

Find some popular blogs on your blog topic and analyze them. Try to observe which content they are getting the most visitors, which keywords they are using in their articles, and which framework they are following.

  1. Analyze Your Competitors

Analyze your top 10 competitors by using online tools. Find the most used keywords on your blog topic using keyword explorer. You can use Ahrefs and SEMrush for this purpose. These tools will provide everything you need before you start writing your blog post. 

This step is really important. Your blog post will be much more SEO-friendly and better value in Google’s eyes if you use the right title and right keywords as a result of your analysis.

  1. Use Effective Images

You have worked for hours and hours to create the best content for your blog, and now what? Do you need an image, as well? 

Well, yes! Let me explain to you the importance of images and infographics. Most blogs (if their blog topic is suitable) draw some percentage of their visitors from Pinterest. For example, you’ll most likely go to Pinterest when you click on a delicious lasagna recipe. You can also use infographics and list images. An original and a good image can increase your visitors substantially. Please do not underestimate that. 

An effective image can bring you visitors not just from Pinterest, but also Facebook and Google as well. Your visitors can increase pretty much if you use your image option accordingly.

  • How can you create your image?

Do you have to take your own photos? No! If you have time and are interested in photography, why not? But you don’t have to be a photographer as well to be a blogger. So how do the bloggers create beautiful lists, infographics, logos, etc.? 

There are lots of online tools for this purpose. But what I use in Canva. Plus, it is free. You can create anything you want with a free Canva account. And let’s say you need something more specific and it is not free. Then you can easily subscribe to Canva for one month and use the Canva premium account.

There is one alternative I use sometimes as well. It is Pixlr Photo Editor – Pixlr X. It is a very good resource for original images. But it has limited resources compared to Canva. 

  1. Turn Your One-Time Blog Visitors to Regular Ones

But how? I hear you. 

I know you hate the pop-up screens that desperately want your email when you visit a random blog. Guess what? You should do the same! Some statistical research shows us the pop-up subscription requests are better to grow your email list.

It is disturbing, yes, to some. They don’t want to give their personal information to some random blog, and you don’t want to be at the opposite end of this.

But try to see this differently: That’s where the money comes from. You’ll possibly lose your visitor if you can’t get his/her email. A blog is as valuable as its email list. So try to increase your subscribers.

You don’t have to push anyone for this, maybe you can use a smooth pop-up and write something interesting to keep the visitor from closing the pop-up and give you their email.

The good part is that they can bring money to you on a regular basis. They’re your regular customers once you get their emails. You can always send something interesting to your subscribers to get them on your website.

  1. Focus on One Traffic Canal

The truth is you can get your traffic from various places. Nonetheless, you should focus on a traffic canal. 

If you’re a beginner, chances are that you haven’t figured how you can get traffic to your website out. 

So what do you need to do to choose a traffic canal? Do you focus on Facebook, getting in the Facebook groups, trying to get more page likes or post likes? Or maybe you should optimize your keywords, write SEO friendly articles and focus on Google instead. Well, maybe you should focus on your images to get more clicks from your Pinterest account. You know, some bloggers earn the biggest percentage of their revenue from Pinterest only.

Well, which topic your blog focuses on is the most important thing while choosing your traffic canal.

If you have a lifestyle blog, Facebook is your stairway to paradise. But if your blog is about technology, then may Google live long! 

Of course, you can make it either way. And maybe some other traffic canal such as Pinterest is golden for you. You should try different traffic options one by one in time to make sure you’re using the perfect traffic for your blog. Just do not try all of them at once!

There aren’t only Google, Facebook or Pinterest as for the traffic option for a blog. In your case, this might be Instagram, podcasts, making your way on YouTube, etc. But the first three are the giants of this industry and make sure you focus one of them at least to get the best traffic you can. Especially Google and Facebook are real giants if it is about written content, so use this opportunity.

There is real competition in the blogging industry, but you know what? You can do it, you can make money from your blog and you can quit your 9-5 job if you persist and keep going until you make it. One day you’ll look at the past and say “I’m glad I’ve started this then”.

  1. Create a Google Adsense Account

There is more than one way to make money blogging, but most of them depend on advertising third-party services or products to your readers. So you can start making money by displaying ads once your blog gains some traffic.

There are multiple advertising tools in the market, but the most popular advertising tool to make money from ads is Google Adsense. 

Adsense is an advertising program powered by Google. It allows your blog to run corporate ads created by Adwords, another tool of Google.

Once you have some good and relatable content on your website, you can create an Adsense account. Google Adsense must approve your registration if you want to display ads and make money from them.

You can see lots of examples of these ads if you just look around on the Internet or check your favorite blogs out. Most of the ads are probable Adsense. They can be Mediavine or AdThrive as well. But these two are premium ad platforms. For example, you need 25,000 sessions to be able to apply for Mediavine. So the best is to start with Google Adsense.

Remember, you should have your own domain such as www.mydomain.com, not a sub-domain under Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr, etc. 

After registering, Google will check your blog content if it is relatable with your blog topic and some other guidelines to verify your website. This verification process can take a while. But after getting your verification, you can start displaying ads and you can make money from it.

So what it would be good to know about ads is that there are 2 popular types of ads:

  • CPC/PPC Ads: The first is “Cost per Click” and the second is “Pay per Click”. These are generally banners being placed in your sidebar, or sometimes between your content. For these ads, you are paid per click whenever one of your readers clicks on the banner ad.
  • CPM Ads: This means “Cost per 1000 impressions”. And you’re paid a fixed amount of money when 1000 people view your ad. If 40,000 readers visit your blog and view your ad, then you’ll earn 40 times higher.  

If you experience that Adsense does not work for you, you can also try similar tools such as Media.net, Infolinks, Chitika, etc. 

  1. Use Affiliate Links in Your Blog Posts

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money blogging. You can start monetizing your blog with affiliate programs once you have some helpful content and get some traffic to your blog.

Many bloggers skip affiliate links and jump to creating a course, an ebook or a podcast without looking at whether there is a demand for it. If there is no demand, it would be a waste of meaningful time. So use affiliate links first instead of spending too much time on something you’ll create.

At this point, you may add some affiliate links to your posts to see if they are working for you. Or you can make preliminary research for the physical or digital product you’d like to provide as well.

If your readers buy any product from your affiliate link, you’ll get a small percentage and monetize your website.

Many bloggers use Google Adsense and affiliate links at the same time. They can make money from both of them in this way.

So how the affiliate marketing programs work:

  • You’ll get some commission per each sold service or product through your website in return for displaying an affiliate link for an advertiser.
  • This advertiser provides you a unique link connected to your affiliate code and can track all actions thanks to this and know whenever the product is sold.
  • You display the ads by including your special affiliate link to your content. If one of your readers clicks on this link and buys the service or product, you can get your commission of what is sold.

For this program, you can try Amazon Associates or look for any other similar program.

  1. Sell Digital Products

Some bloggers write their blogs to create a demand for their products or promote them. So displaying ads or using affiliate links are not the only ways to make money from your blog.

What you can do about it:

  • You can write an ebook. For this to work, you should write an ebook related to your blog.
  • You can create an online course. Let’s say, your blog is about Unity 3D. You can also make an online course teaching how to start learning Unity 3D and make your way from here. Maybe you are a yogi and you would like to teach thousands of people how they can start yoga. Make your online course about it. You can also organize a workshop for this.
  • You can provide themes, plugins, apps or any related stuff to your blog content and monetize it.

Please keep in mind that you need to create a product by listening to your readers. If they are not interested in what you create, the time you spend will be a waste.

  1. Use Your Blog as a Content Marketing

You can use your blog in many different ways. Let’s say, you earn money from the ads, but it is not enough for you. Or what you would like to achieve is different and you want to promote your job using your blog. Here are a set of different examples of what you can do more with your blog:

  • You can sell physical products as well. Maybe you’re a macrame expert and creating wonderful macrame wall hangings. You can sell them on your blog if your blog is about macrame. Maybe bullet journaling is your thing and you can sell custom agendas or printables through your blog.
  • You can sell freelance services. If you are a writer, ghostwriter or translator, you definitely can provide your services online and get paid for it.
  • You can be a consultant. So if you are an SEO expert, some website owners can purchase your SEO consultancy services.
  • You don’t have to stick to Google Adsense ads. What you can also do is to find direct ads that you can display on your website. For this, you can post and write on related websites that you’re looking for ads to display on your blog. 
  • You can also write sponsored content. Adsense might display some ads that you can’t control. But you can find sponsorships to control what you display to your readers.

There are many more ways to make money such as speaking at a conference or making a podcast. But I personally think that these are for the already-known bloggers, not for beginners. Once you reach a place in blogging industry, these will naturally happen without doing anything on your own.

You can make money from blogging so much that you can build a business from scratch or you can make money enough to live a comfortable life. Both are possible. Of course, the latter is easier to achieve. But you have to keep going, ok? Don’t give up because there is so much competition here. Try to rip a slice from it. 

So I’ll also write answers to most asked questions about making money blogging.

Can you make money blogging?

This is a million-dollar question. Of course, you can. But you should treat your blog as your business, not a hobby. And make a lot of research about how top bloggers achieve this. Research how to write SEO friendly articles, how blog posts should be written, what framework or format should be chosen, how you can get traffic to your blog, etc.

The more you research, the better it is. You just find the right points to push and never give up.

How much do bloggers make money?

Well, that depends on which blog we are talking about. There are blogs that make 1000 USD in a month, and there are also some blogs that make 400k-500k USD in a month. Most blogs make between 1000 – 5000 USD. And half of the bloggers can’t make money at all. 

So as I’ve told, it really depends. But let me tell you something, do not believe in someone in any case if he/she tells you blogging is easy. It is not. It is hard. If you launch a blog, launch it by knowing this truth.

How much money can you make it from your blog?

It depends on how much and how smart you work for your blog.

Most people read some stuff about there is money in blogging, so they start a blog eagerly, write blog posts for about 1-2 months, then give up when they don’t make money in this process. They lose their motivation. If you’re this kind of person, the truth is you possibly can’t make money.

But if you keep going and never give up…?

Believe and be sure that you will make money from blogging eventually.

What is the most popular and most used blogging platform?

The WordPress blogging platform is by far the best blogging platform and it is the most used one by bloggers.

Is it possible to start a blog free?

Yes, definitely, it is possible. I use WordPress for a minimum cost, but if you would like it to be totally free, you can start a blog on Medium which has thousands of visitors daily. And you can get recognition and subscribers if you get featured on Medium.

You can always ask me any questions you might have. I’ll gladly reply to them. Please comment below if you find my article on how to make money blogging helpful. Stay tuned for many more tips!

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